You can donate or contribute to the parish

  • Through Planned Giving Envelopes
  • Through Bank Direct Credit to Holy Cross Parish Account 02-0108-0707323-000
  • One-Off Donation
  • Tap & Go

Planned Giving

The Parish Planned Giving Programme has several objectives.  Firstly it reinforces parishioners’ belief that giving is an outward expression of their faith and tangible support of the Church and its good works.  It also allows the Parish to estimate from its promised contributions its likely income, so that expenditure can be planned and contained within budgeted limits.

When you consider the extent to which you can give, you join with others to ensure that the financial responsibilities of running the parish are shared more equitably.  The programme in Henderson Parish has two options.  The first uses a set of gifting envelopes that are split into two for the two collections taken at Mass.

1. The First Collection is taken up at the end of the Liturgy of the Word.  This is given directly to the Parish Priest for the support of the Franciscan Capuchin Community, as the Friars currently staff the Parish.

2. The Second Collection is taken up before the Offertory.  This is used by the Parish to cover the costs involved with liturgy, educational programmes, administration and property management.  The proceeds are administered by the Parish Priest and his Finance Committee; while a proportion of the collections are levied to assist the clergy and Church at the Diocesan level.  With both envelopes, parishioners may allocate their giving as they consider best, between the support of the clergy, and the Parish and the wider Church.

The second option is where a parishioner chooses to use a bank direct credit to make their contribution.  Again you need to consider how much you wish to give to each collection.  While you make only one payment into the Parish bank account, it will be split equally between Clergy, Parish  and Building Fund.

Another option is Tap & Go. For those who do not carry cash but have eftpos/credit cards with PayWave or mobile devices with ApplePay and GooglePay, this is the way to donate and contribute to the ministry of the parish. The Tap and Go device is located at the foyer. Your card will be charged $5 for every tap (no receipt will be issued).

While your voluntary donations are essential in providing the Parish with much needed finances; it is important to remember that your giving must be balanced against your personal needs. While there is merit in making sacrifices for the good of others, it should not be at too great a cost. Manageable and consistently regular amounts are equally appreciated.

The Government allows you to claim tax relief on the donations you give to the Church and other charities.

This means a rebate of 33% for all donations.  As part of the programme you will be sent an annual receipt from the Parish as a record of your total contributions for the year.  This receipt for tax purposes will be sent to your last known address, as soon as practicable, after the 31st March tax year for you to claim your rightful refund.

March is also about the same time that the Parish has its Annual General Meeting.  Amongst other matters, the Finance Committee will give a summary of the finances of the Parish.  This is an important time for you to find out what is happening so that accountability is maintained in a caring and responsible manner.

I invite you to join the Parish Planned Giving Programme.  If you have further queries please phone the Parish Office from Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 12:30 pm on (09) 835 3355 or email

We are confident that you will see the importance of the programme for the life of the Parish, in our mission to give life to Jesus Christ in the hearts and minds of His people.