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Christ The King



My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,



We have almost reached the end of the Church’s liturgical year with the feast of Christ The King we celebrate today. The figure that is presented to us is a King, who will judge us. He will decide on that final day who will or will not share His Kingdom forever. It is a dreadful scene, but for those who are faithful to ‘Jesus’ teachings, it will be a day of Glory.


If you read carefully the parable of the last judgement, you will notice that our judgement will not depend on our intelligence nor our looks, our name & fame or fortune not even our long prayers, important as they may be.


But on a single question. How much have we done or not done for people in need?


My dear brothers and sisters, Jesus as a King will become visible in the last judgement. However, according to the parable He is already present among us, although hidden in the face of the poor, the hungry, the sick and the suffering.


The story is told about a roman soldier, martin of tours who lived in the 3rd century.

Once on a cold day as he was entering a city a beggar stopped him and asked for alms. Martin had no money and the beggar was shivering in the cold. Martin took off his cloak, cut it in two and gave half of it to the beggar.


That night in a dream he saw ‘Jesus’ wearing half of the roman soldier’s cloak. He asked Jesus where did he get it from and Jesus replied; my servant, martin gave it to me.


The story illustrates graphically, Christ’s words’; whatsoever you did, to the least of my people you did for Me.


Jesus tells us today there is only one right way to exercise power in this world and that is for the sake of the powerless.


My dear brothers and sisters, Jesus rewards us for everything that we do for the poor and the needy as though these were done for Him. And He will acknowledge them on the last day.


Do we crave for power, honour, dominion?

Do we demand respect from others?

Do we play king in our own small world imposing upon & dominating others whenever possible?


The Feast of Christ The King teaches us to sense ‘Christ’ in our fellow creatures here and now with ‘love and dedication’.


Do not wait, for the last day of judgement is right here and now.


We are judged on the basis of love alone.


So let us recognize Jesus in our brothers and sisters & serve them as Christ The King did for you and me.


Then we will hear ‘Jesus’ say; come my son, my daughter to inherit The Kingdom of Heaven.


Today on this great Feast of ‘Christ The King’, let each one of us go to Jesus in humility, and ask of Him that He may touch hearts and inflame them with His Love.


Wish you all ‘Happy Feast of Christ The King’.






Fr. Sebastian Fernandes OFM Cap

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