A community of worship, a community of hope, held together by Words of His Love, His voice we hear, His call we answer, as a community of mercy, in our Master’s footsteps, we walk. The weak, the strong, the young and the old, the rich, the poor, we all gather as one, reaped after so arduous a toiling, though many an array, are our colours and views, in thirst of comfort and solace we meet, as we come together with soiled offerings, ashamed to lay open, as nothing we bare, before thy Holy feet, in homage we bow, seeking the mercy of The Lamb of God, slain on The Cross, at the place of the skull, to the valley of the dead, He carried for us, His bleeding Heart, the Only Heart, of Perfect Love, shattered in pain and soaked in blood, so united we could journey, to our home of faith. Today has given for our family of faith, a special friend we may have, St. Francis of Assisi, who humbled in spirit, which that pleased Thy Will, whose servants that serve our communion of needs. By that cup of Grace thy servant professed, that we also may find, at the twilight of our days. In humble of spirit, we too may live, and serve each other as people in need. Are proud to bear the name St. Francis, as shattered we come, a lit we go, united as one in The Holy Cross of our Parish, to dispel the darkness that covers The Soul.