The finances of our parish are based on the “Pledge System”, whereby parishioners promise to give an average amount each week during the year.  This system was introduced so that the income of the parish was no longer guesswork and a proper budget could be made up each year and the expenditure planned.

Each person pledging receives a set of numbered envelopes in which they put their weekly amount pledged and place this in the Sunday collection baskets.  At the end of the year a receipt is posted to all so that a tax claim can be made.  The Government thus subsidises all pledgers and each parishioner is encouraged to make use of this since they are entitled to it.

All parishioners with an income, regardless of age, are urged to participate in this system.  A pledge is a promise, a helpful guide for our parish, NOT an obligation and can be varied if circumstances change.  The pledge administration is confidential and rests with the Parish Office.

Members of the Finance Committee, together with the Parish Priest, plan and oversee expenditure and prepare an annual summary for parishioners, which is presented at the Annual General Meeting of our parishioners in February/March of each year.

For further information about the Finance Committee please contact our Parish Administrator at the Parish Office on (09) 835 3355.